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Apulia is a wonderful strip of land protruding South-East into the Mediterranean Sea. It is also known as “the heel of Italy”, with reference to the country “boot” shape.
In Apulia there are five geographical areas: Appennino Dauno, Gargano, Murgia, which includes also the Itria Valley, Tavoliere and Salento. Its shores are washed by the Adriatic Sea to the East and the Ionic Sea to the West.
Apulia is crossed by many ancient routes and paths, great reminders of the legendary and eroic journeys of the Greek and Roman people. Here it is also possible to see much evidence of the prehistoric age, such as menhirs and dolmens, but also more recent buildings, such as Trulli in the Itria valley, Basilian crypts, and magnificent “masseria” farms [...]


Apulia Promotion is an agency that specialises in services for tourists in Puglia.
We are based in Martano, a friendly town in the "Grecia Salentina", one of the most beautiful and historical areas within the province of Lecce.
Our team combines the enthusiasm of young and passionate professionals with the expertise of proficient experts who have deep knowledge of the area, of tourism and of the typical cuisine of the Puglia.
We are convinced that a quality service does not go without precision, competence and professionalism and we work to guarantee our clients the highest standards of products and services thanks to our constant availability through help-desks and infopoints. [...]